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2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Prices: MSRP, Invoice Pricing, Holdback & "Real" Dealer Cost

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Prices: MSRP vs Invoice, w/ Holdback and Dealer Cost
Each Toyota Land Cruiser price report below reveals the MSRP, invoice price, holdback, and what the dealer paid - the Dealer Cost for all Toyota models. They come complete with detailed pricing data for all their optional equipment. (Details of what these price terms mean are available below)
Terms used in the Price Guides:
MSRP, Invoice Price, Dealer Holdback, Real Dealer Cost

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Prices:

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2016 Land Cruiser 4X4 V8 4dr w/ 381-hp, 8 cyl., V-8 5.7-liter (13/18 MPG)
Dealer Invoice
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Dealer Cost
2015 Land Cruiser 4X4 V8 4dr w/ 381-hp, 8 cyl., V-8 5.7-liter (13/18 MPG)
Dealer Invoice
Destination Fee
Dealer Cost

2016 Toyota land Cruiser Trims & Overview

While some vehicle models receive a style refresher every two or three years, Toyota has all but spurned this practice with the Land Cruiser. In 1998, the carmaker discarded the vehicle’s dated front axle and inline six-cylinder. Ten years later, Toyota made a minor adjustment by replacing the 4.7-liter engine with a 5.7-liter one. In 2013, the automaker gave the Land Cruiser another slight freshening up with upgraded technology and safety equipment. For the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser, the car company threw caution to the wind by reimagining the exterior of the vehicle.

Sneaking a Peek at the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser 

The exterior of the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser exhibits an updated front fascia complete with new lighting elements and front fenders. Toyota also traded the vehicle’s old six-speed automatic transmission for an eight-speed unit to give it better acceleration. The 2016 Land Cruiser has new safety systems like: 

• Front crash avoidance 
• Blind spot protection 
• Rear cross traffic warning 
• Pedestrian detection 

One Trim to Rule Them All 

The Land Cruiser comes with just one trim. Because there’s just one, Toyota went ahead and equipped it with an abundance of standard features. The list consists of:

• LED headlights 
• 18-inch alloy wheels 
• Daytime running lights 
• Aluminum running boards 
• Fog lights 
• Rain-sensing windshield wipers 
• A tow package 

The vehicle model’s one trim features a rugged suspension meant for off-road adventures. It also comes with a V-8 engine that emits 381 horsepower as well as 401 pound-feet of torque. Naturally, the Land Cruiser has four-wheel drive along with a locking differential. Toyota equipped the vehicle with a host of luxury features. These include:

• Leather upholstery
• Heated front and rear seats 
• A sunroof 
• A rear DVD entertainment system

How Does it Handle?

With comfortable steering and limited body roll, the Land Cruiser delivers a secure ride. Toyota added a Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, or KDSS, to the vehicle. With this feature, the SUV is able to tighten up its front and back antiroll bars for a smoother ride while it’s traveling down the highway. When a driver takes it off-road, the Land Cruiser disconnects the system to loosen it up and provide a little give as it traverses rough terrain. Even with the addition of the KDSS, the vehicle’s occupants will know that they are riding on a truck platform. 

A Look at the Fuel Economy 

When it comes to fuel economy, Land Cruiser owners won’t save dollars at the gas pump. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s ratings, the vehicle receives 13 miles per gallon in the city and 18 miles per gallon along the highway. The Land Cruiser’s combined rating is 15 miles per gallon. 

The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is a Keeper 

With its go-anywhere attitude, comfy interior and rugged exterior, the Land Cruiser is sure to tempt all kinds of buyers into bringing it home. Because it’s a vehicle that is as durable as it is pretty, the Toyota Land Cruiser is an SUV that people will want to drive for years.
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